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These are escorts that are ok seeing clients with physical disabilities. People with disabilities have needs and desires the same as the rest of us, yet it's more difficult for them to find others willing to engage in sexual activities with them. Listed below are a list of escorts who have said that they are more than happy to see clients with disabilities. Many have had experience with a variety of disabled clients while others are open-minded enough to try.

Every disability is different so please explain about your specific disability in the Message field when completing your Booking Request form. Different escorts may have more experience or feel more comfortable with certain disabilities while not with others. We've had disabled clients book some of us without informing us of their disability on the booking form only to have the escort caught off guard when she arrived. We've also had clients in wheel chairs book some of our most petite escorts which usually isn't a good idea if phyical strength is needed to help the client. The more information we have about your disability when you make the booking, the better we are at helping match you with the best escort.

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Age: 31
Gender: Girl
Location: Bangkok
VIP Blog Gallery Updated:
10th July 2019

Age: 27
Gender: Girl
Location: Bangkok
Blog Gallery Updated:
27th June 2019

Age: 40
Gender: Girl
Location: Bangkok
Public Gallery Updated:
19th June 2019

Age: 38
Gender: Girl
Location: Pattaya
VIP Gallery Updated:
21st May 2019

Age: 34
Gender: Girl
Location: Phuket
Private Gallery Updated:
20th November 2018

Age: 28
Gender: Ladyboy
Location: Phuket
VIP Gallery Updated:
30th April 2017

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